If there’s one food that’s associated with pure luxury and nutritious, it’s caviar. This delicacy of sturgeon fish eggs is rare and expensive and considered a coveted item in the culinary world. Caviar comes from several species of sturgeon, but beluga caviar is the largest, rarest, and the most expensive caviar. Definitly, it deserves its nickname, “black gold.” Caviar has some famous variety:


This type is from sturgeon. The caviar is soft, clear, and glossy, with large, pea-sized eggs. They range in color from light silver-gray to black and have a creamy, almost buttery taste.


Osetra eggs are also from a sturgeon. They are medium-sized gray to brown eggs with a flavor that is almost nutty.


Smaller eggs than osetra, grayish in color, and the strongest in flavor.Experts find sevruga to have a saltier flavor because the eggs are smaller. Although they are exposed to the same percentage salty brine as beluga, one gets more eggs in a bite of sevruga than beluga simply due to the size difference of the eggs, hence more of a salty flavor.

Sterlet ​

Small golden sturgeon eggs which were once considered the finest caviar available and reserved for the highest royalty in the lands. This variety is virtually extinct, so don’t expect to find any on the market, even if you can afford it.

Yasin Tejarat Danesh Company has produced and supplied various types of caviar in high quality and luxury packagings.

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